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WPS:  Wage protection System is a mandatory process through which every organization has to process salaries for their employees. The Wages Protection System (WPS) is a joint initiative between the UAE Government and UAE Central Bank to electronically enable and monitor, that all salaries and wages are paid in a timely fashion.

WPS is an electronic salary transfer system that ensures that UAE employers pay their employees’ wages and salaries through banks, Bureau De Change or other receiving institutions that are authorized by the Central Bank. WPS salary processing is now mandated for any UAE business that employs staff.

Current WPS Options available in the market


Banks are offering WPS services to the customers at a high fee charge. Also they don’t entertain employees with less then AED:2500 salary. They also don’t offer loans to the employees having salaries less then AED:5000.

Exchange House

Exchange houses are cheaper in terms of fees charged for WPS services. But they don’t offer personal loans. They don’t have debit cards so employee has to visit their branch to collect their salaries. Because of small branch network it is a waste of time and money for employee to collect their salaries.


SMART UNION is direct sales agent for Finance House PJSC. Finance House PJSC is one of the leading financial institution in UAE  since 2004, we are best known for good service in the industry , and at this time we take great pride in introducing our product  Payday Cards (WPS). we are one of the leading provider of WPS service,  offering tailor made solution as per  clients requirement.

Features of Product

Free company license registration.
Personalized chip based ATM/Debit Master Cards for all your employees ( with out Bank Account ) , which is valid for 5years. ( Sample Attached).
Payday Master Card can be used across UAE.
Free Card replacement Once (in case of card lost or captured in machine) Annually twice free of cost.
Zero Balance Card and  no minimum  balance maintains requirement.
No. Minimum salary requirement.
Speedy employee registration & payroll process.
SMS notification for salary transfer.
Dedicated Relationship Manager to handle all your important queries.
Every month first transaction free & second transaction onwards AED 2/- charges.
No  SIF upload charges.
Payroll services for other bank Accounts Holders.


Payday Plus: Advance salary facility settled on monthly basis.

Payday Extra: Instalment Loan facility that can be repaid in up to 24 monthly instalments.


Fast, easy and reliable access to credit facilities
Fast, easy and reliable access to credit facilities
No post-dated cheques (PDC) required
Simple documentation requirements
*Credit facilities are approved at the sole discretion of Finance House PJSC
Simple documentation requirements
Automatic loan instalment deduction from salary
Competitive interest rate and other fees
No hidden charges
No liability on company


Company Trade License Copy ( All Pages )
Pass port copy and emirates id copy of the Owner and the Sponsor.
MOA ( Memorandum of Association copy )
MOL ( Ministry of Labour List – all employees)
Company Profile